This month marks our second anniversary and the beginning of our third year in business!

And what a couple of years it has been – we now have well over 1100 active users with over 1500 domains in our network. We are currently serving an average of well over 9 million unique impressions per day in banners, popunders, prerolls and our unique G.O.D. format with some of the highest payouts in the industry!

High payouts and excellent customer support continue to be our highest priorities: this month we have managed to reduce commissions again significantly resulting in a payout increase to our publishers of 10% to 25%, depending on geo and ad type! A lot of things have changed, but our commitment to high payouts for our publishers, high returns on advertiser investment and brand protection, and excellent customer service remain our hallmarks. We are committed to being the best game ad network. Period.

To celebrate our third year of operation, we are running a new promotion:

  1. $1000 for a US click for the month
  2. $1000 for the account generating the most referral revenue for the month
  3. $1000 for the account that generates the most referrals for the month

That’s right! $1000! In cash! To your publisher account! And 3 opportunities!

There are a few conditions:

  • The prize for the US click will be determined via a random drawing.
  • For the referral prizes:
    • Each referral account must generate >$50 for the month
    • Publishers are not allowed to register more than one publisher account
  • Accounts found cheating or gaming the system will be permanently banned.

Prizes will be determined by the 3rd business day of the following month, with the prize awarded to the winning publisher account via an invoice which will be paid on the next pay period.

This offer is void where prohibited, and where not available, the prize is null and void.

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