Hello Copacet Advertisers!

This summer has been a very busy one, and we are very pleased to announce several new features for our advertisers (and we put the best at the end):

  • Improved ad targeting and optimized rotation for publishers
    • We spent a lot of time over the summer reviewing and re-structuring the ad rotation optimization process. We implemented these changes 2 weeks ago and have seen some significant impacts to the payout schedules. Creatives have always competed in real time with the winning creative receiving priority placement. And competition is still based on highest revenue for publishers, but – with much better results. This is a very big deal for publishers and advertisers. Quality publishers are seeing net increases on eRPM of over 20% on banners with no cost increase and more clicks for top advertisers. The final step will be making some of the real time competition information available to advertisers on the geo bid page for analysis and bid setting.
  • User initiated publisher-to-advertiser transfers
    • We implemented this about 6 weeks ago with a lot of positive feedback. To get started, you will need to have your advertiser account linked to your publisher account (From advertiser UI: Account >My Account >Link to a publisher account). Once submitted, transfers are processed with-in 24 hours.
  • Improved targeting
    • We introduced platform specific (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) and more advanced browser options.
  • Web property reports (beta)
    • And we save the best for last! We introduced our web property reports via open beta about 2 weeks ago. Web property reports link offers to your Google Analytics account and bring this data into the Copacet UI for easy analysis and competitive advantage. Using the web properties reports is optional and includes several powerful benefits:
      • Automatic refunds for invalid activity
        • By opting into the Web Properties, your account is eligible for automatic refunds for all invalid activity. We have always refunded advertisers for invalid activity, but with web properties enabled, our system will automatically monitor and flag invalid activity. Refunds are calculated and issued after a manual review by our fraud prevention team.
      •  Instance targeting
        • Web properties allows advertisers to target specific ad instances  by using bid modifiers. Bid modifiers modify the bid for all geos for a specific ad instance, either increasing (> 1) or decreasing (< 1) the bid. The bid modifier is multiplied by the offer’s bid per geo to offer a competitive advantage: increasing the bid for an instance will mean more winning impressions, decreasing a bid corresponds with fewer winning impressions. Bid modifiers also allow bids below the minimum.
      • A few notes:
        • Web property reports are based on Google Analytics data (your landing page and site must be a Web Property in your Google Analytics account to use this feature) and collect finalized data once a day.
        • Data on Google Analytics is considered finalized after 48 hours.
        • Bid modifiers that decrease the bid require a minimum of 7 days of data and admin approval
        • And – this is still in beta; we are adding a lot of features to this and some things may change pending advertiser feedback. So if you have some – let us know!

This summer included starts on several projects that will be announced in the coming weeks – some very exciting things. Stay tuned for more!


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