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Excellent company! Good traffic at a good price!

- Andrii F.

I like Copacet’s net 0 payment method, its quite good if publisher earns and get paid faster then other networks.

- Adnan A.

Payments are made net to date and the support staff is really helpfull. Good ecpm!

- Naghi A.

Good pay-rate,better than other networks! - Cristi P.

The support team is really good.

- Marcio A. O.

Good quality traffic!

- Zhifeng C.

Copacet was the first network I joined, I’m now in 4 different networks and they’re still my favourite, their system is fast and easy to use and they’ll give beginner webmasters a shot to make something of themselves, the support time have fast responses and always do whatever they can to help. Great network with great rates and great staff overall!

- Jason F.

Here is the difference of Copacet from other networks: 1. High payout; 2. quick payments; 3. Compensation for downtime; 4, constant effective communications by emails; What I appreciate most is that Copacet often holds various activities that help to increase ad rates, ad forms, and user interests. Also you give awards to publishers in time. That is most exciting!

- Juanning Y.

In my opinion the interface is one thing that sets Copacet ad network apart from the competitors. Being able to add backup ad tags and popunders is definitely a great feature! In my opinion, the best thing about Copacet is payout rates and the ad tags offered.

- Joseph L.

The best thing is secondaries and able to set geos. I use them most for popunders, but know it is available for banners too. The ad blocking is also good.

- Paul M.